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100% Pure Lavender Oil

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Highest Quality Pure & Natural Lavender Essential Oil – Our Lavender Oil is 100% pure, undiluted, all-natural, and therapeutic grade.

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Hair + Nails + Skin.

iCan London 100% Pure Lavender Oil helps relax the body and mind through massage, inhalation, vaporisation and bathing. The floral, relaxing aroma of Lavender Oil will encourage you to unwind. A perfect addition to your bath, as you relieve tired and aching muscles. Every drop of this Lavender essential oil is steam-extracted right from the source without any additives or harmful chemicals.

Dilute 2-5% of Lavender in a carrier oil of your choice. It can help with skin issues like fine lines, wrinkles, and chapped lips. Create a natural hair tonic using Pure Lavender to stimulate hair growth and battle itchy dandruff.

Use – Give your nervous system the night off! Add a few drops of calming Lavender to your favorite aromatherapy diffuser and breathe in the lovely sweet, dry, herbaceous-floral scent. Great at night to help you relax and drift off to sleep.

Apply – Create therapeutic massage oil blends using Lavender. For topical use, dilute to 2-5% with the carrier of your choice and apply to face, body, hair, and scalp. You can also add it to your existing hair and skincare products.

DIY – Lavender is a DIYers dream! Use it to create your own fresh, natural soaps and candles. It makes a great perfume too. You can add it to your own lotions and creams to breathe new life into your skin, hair, and scalp.

Safety Information

For external use only. Never apply neat oils to the skin, always dilute in a carrier oil. Avoid use during pregnancy. Seek medical advice or consult a qualified aromatherapist before use if you suffer from epilepsy, skin allergies or are using homoeopathic remedies. Asthmatics should not inhale essential oils. Avoid contact with eyes. If product gets into the eyes rinse well with water immediately. Keep out of reach of children. If a child accidentally swallows any pure essential oil seek urgent medical attention. FLAMMABLE.

Pro Tip – Lavender Essential Oil blends well with these other essential oils such as Bergamot Oil, Black Pepper Oil, Cedarwood Oil, Chamomile Oil, Marjoram Oil, Palmarosa, Oil, Peppermint Oil, Patchouli Oil, Ravensara Oil, Rose Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Thyme Oil, Vetiver Oil & Ylang Ylang.

Experiment with mixing your own unique special blended scent.

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