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100% Pure Avocado Oil

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iCan London 100% Pure Avocado Oil, All-Natural Handcrafted from Premium Avocados, Great for Nails, Skin and Hair.

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Hair + Nails + Skin.

iCan London Avocado Oil is 100% pure, all-natural and handcrafted from premium avocados. Avocado oil is processed on equipment very similar to those used to process extra virgin olive oil. It takes from 15–20 avocados to make 1 (one) 250 ml/8 ounce tin. The result is a beautiful, emerald green oil with a high level of monounsaturated fats that will bring a delicious, light fruity flavour to your dishes.

The purity of iCan London Avocado Oil makes it also an ideal partner for moisturizing your skin and hair. The skin absorbs it quickly without leaving residues. It has lightweight that’s easily absorbed into the hair and scalp to moisturize. With artisan care, we extract the seeds’ essence and hidden natural treasures to create amazing products that bring delight in well being for the face, skin, hair and nails.

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